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Treasure Me - FAQ's

You may have many questions regarding the safety and simplicity of your baby's hand and feet mouldings. Most of your questions can be answered below. If not, you are free to contact us on any of the contact details at the bottom of each page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the material used safe?

Yes, 100% safe! The moulding material used is of medical grade and contains no harmful chemicals or toxins. The material used is a non toxic powder that is mixed with lukewarm water and sets after a few minutes remaining flexible and rubbery. The mould easily slips off the baby’s hand or foot once completely set without hurting the baby. We have never had any adverse reactions.

Is the moulding process painful?

No, the moulding process is completely painless! The moulding material sets quickly, remains flexible and rubbery therefore making it painless. The mould easily slips off the baby’s hand or foot once set without hurting the baby at all. Some babies might cry while the mould is being taken because it is a new sensation for them but it is not painful at all. It is very easy to take the mould with newborns as most of the time they don’t even notice or react while it is being done.

How do you take the impression?

The baby’s hand or foot is dipped into a lukewarm mixture which becomes firm (but flexible) when set after a few minutes. The mould is then gently and easily slipped off the baby’s hand or foot, which comes out clean.

At what age can a casting be done?

A casting can be done from the day a baby is born up to any age! We do plenty of castings for all age groups including newborn, toddlers, older children, adults and even grandparents and they too look adorable.

Remember that babies grow so quickly, so the earlier the casting is done the cuter it looks. Newborns are often the easiest candidates as they don’t even notice or react to the moulding process.

Do you only do casts of one hand and one foot?

No, we do different combinations of castings from which you can choose either:
A-(X 1 hand or X 1 foot)

B-(X 1 hand and X 1 foot) or (X 2 hands)

C-(X 2 hands and X 2 feet).

OR: upon your request.

Other popular combinations of castings are two hands clasped together, for example an engaged couple’s hands together where the engagement ring is seen on the finger in the final cast or a parent holding their child’s hand.

A jumbo sized photo (size) supplied by you can also be included alongside the mouldings in the final framed product. See our Pricing and Payment details for further details.

Can you take casts of the each family member’s hands and frame it in one frame?

Yes, this makes for a lovely keepsake! We will gladly provide you with a quote for this or other cast types or combinations if you cannot find the prices featured on our price list section.

Can the same mould be reused?

No, unfortunately not as each mould is cut and completely broken open to remove the casting therefore it can only be used once.

Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes we do. Our gift vouchers can be requested and received straight from us and paid for via EFT. They can be issued as either a monetary value that can be used towards any package or issued as a specific chosen package. The gift vouchers have a 12 month expiry date. Treasure Me gift vouchers make wonderful baby shower and christening gifts!

I am not sure my baby will sit still for the casting. Will this be a problem?

No, it won’t be a problem as the casting material sets very quickly and it is normally possible to keep the baby still for the critical stages of setting. We do however, try to divert the baby’s attention with some toys.

When the moulding is being made, the baby is able to move and wriggle his/her fingers and toes for a short time until the product starts to set. Once the product sets into a flexible and rubbery mould, the baby is no longer able to wriggle out of the mould.

The mould that has been taken is of the position your baby's limb was in when the product sets, so each individual casting is completely unique! If after removing the mould we are not completely happy with the quality of the cast, we will then recast it at that time, which will only take a few extra minutes.

What should my baby wear on the day?

We recommend that you do not dress your baby in expensive or special outfits. The Casting material does spill on occasion, especially when the baby wriggles. We provide towels and fabric sheets as a covering protection. However, should the moulding material get onto clothes the spill can be cleaned by picking off the dried material from and fabric and washing the clothes on a 60 degree cycle.

I want a cast of an open hand for my baby, not a closed fist, can you arrange this?

No, unfortunately we cannot. Every baby’s hand position is different when taking the mould and the hand position is determined by the way the baby has his / her hand at the time of the mould setting. With older children, we can usually ask them to open their hand but with smaller children, the fist may be closed and the final product will be that of a clenched fist.

In the first month or so some babies will leave their hand relaxed and open but from 2 months old they will usually clench their fists as it is a natural reflex to do so. Once they are old enough to understand, they are usually quite happy to make a “Hi-5” hand for you!

How long does the appointment take?

It's best to allow an hour for each appointment. The appointment involves taking the moulds according to the casting combination chosen as well as choosing the frame, mat board colour, finish colour of the cast and inscription on the plaque.

Must I personally have my casts framed?

No, the casts are framed in a box frame with a frame of your choice from our range of samples. In addition to this either a gold or silver plaque with 3 lines of inscription of your choice is added to the final framed product.

What frame choices do you have, and do you have different mat board colours?

Yes, we have 3 different ranges of frames to choose from with different colour frames in each range as well as a selection of mat board colours.

What information is inscribed on the plaque?

The choice of information is completely up to you but the plaque only has place for 3 lines of information, PLUS the name of the baby as the Top Line. Commonly used information is the baby’s name, baby’s date of birth and the baby’s age when the cast was taken. There is a choice of either a gold or silver plague.

How long will it take to receive the finished product?

It will take within 3 months after the deposit has been received. However sometimes due to unforseen circumstances it could take longer.

Can I ask for the delivery to be quicker than expected?

Yes, at an additional cost we will re-arrange working priorities to complete the finished product as an urgent item, providing all other customer orders can still be completed in their delivery time.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a 50% deposit is required once the mould has been taken and the balance is payable via cash on collection or via EFT or Direct Deposit before collection.

Please note that the 50% deposit must be received within 3 days of the mould being made before the casting process can continue as the moulding material has a limited life span. This can be paid via cash on appointment or via EFT or Direct Deposit into our bank account.